TD Affinity Program

Robie’s Country Store Historic Preservation Corporation (RCSHPC) and TD Bank of Hooksett have partnered to provide financial support for the preservation and maintenance of Robie’s Store. Information and Forms to join the program are available at the store. The forms may also be obtained from TD Bank.

Annually, TD Bank will make a donation to RCSHPC based on the total dollar balance of the accounts that are a part of the TD Affinity Program. The program does not cost the participants a penny. By joining the TD Affinity Program you will have taken a positive step toward maintaining the integrity of the store.

Thank you.



Robie’s Country Store was successfully operated by four generations of the Robie Family beginning in 1887 and ending in 1997 when Dorothy and Lloyd Robie retired. Because the store was such a landmark of the community, Robie’s Country Store Historic Preservation Corporation (RCSHPC) was created by the volunteer efforts of local citizens who were interested in preserving the store as it had existed for the previous 110 years and to maintain an active cultural and historical centerpiece for Hooksett. They did not want to let it deteriorate to “just another historic roadside marker”.

Throughout those 110 years, many well known visitors walked through the same doors that exist today. One wall of the store is completely covered with photographs of many of those visitors, including presidential candidates, one of whom ultimately became a U.S. president, and stars of stage, screen and radio. Many artifacts used or collected during the Robie tenure are displayed throughout the store, making it a museum as well as a functioning business.

RCSHPC is very thankful for the overwhelming support and hard work from numerous volunteers, workers and businesses who have kept and continue to keep Robie’s Country Store alive and growing. Amber and Josh Enright have expanded the menu options while continuing the high quality food service which operates as Roots. They are open from 7 am to 3 pm Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Sundays. In addition to providing on site dining, take out and off site catering play a big role in the success of this operation.

Please join with us and visit this iconic place to enjoy it’s ambiance, outstanding food, artifacts, and the wide variety of visitors who pass through daily.

Robie’s Country Store is listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places and has also gained a place on the Save America’s Treasures list.